Reflection On Language Development

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This portion of the Play Project was done back at Wendell Johnson. We met with Jihan and the teacher aides to discuss what we thought was working well in their classroom, and our suggestions to further facilitate language development. Since the last reflection, our goal was to come up with strategies the teachers could use to continue to promote language development for their children. Me and my other group members tried to attain this goal by providing handouts and examples of strategies that we thought would be helpful for the teachers. We used the acronym FIGS (Fill in the blank, Interactive Play, Gestures, and Speak) to help them remember the strategy. They seemed to respond well to this and thought it was a good way to remember the strategies. What helped to promote the agency and motivation for the teachers is when we began the meeting by reporting what we saw as an outside perspective. I think we were able to confirm concerns they were having about some of the children and give another view of why the child may not be talking that much or why they may have trouble transitioning from activity to the next. I think confirming their worries helped establish a better agency between both sides to show that we are all on the same team to help the child use more language. I also think we did a good job of being upfront and saying things like “this is something we saw in our brief time observing, this might be similar or different to what you see in the classroom everyday.”

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