Reflection On Multicultural Experience

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Multicultural Experience and Reflection Samantha Vadnais Today I sat down with a friend that is a paraplegic resulting from a car accident that happened in April of 2009. The car rolled over him severing his spinal cord causing him to need two rods put in his back, one on each side of his spine. One of the many different challenges he faces daily is the constant pain he is in, along with not being able to feel or move from below the waist. Also, since he is bound to a wheelchair it is always a challenge getting anywhere and doing the most mundane tasks that so many take for granted. He has said that sometimes people stare at him for no reason other than he’s in a wheelchair. Not all people have preconceived opinions about him, but there are some people that get the perception that he is incapable of doing a lot of the things he does. For example, he fixes cars as a hobby which some people would find that hard to believe. He also drives his cars, even taking them to car shows. He has a special hand lever that he uses to press down on the gas and brakes. He doesn’t feel actual discrimination against him by others. Some advice he would give to others with disabilities is to not give up on yourself and to better yourself, making the best of every situation. His advice for those without disabilities would be not to be so quick to judge people and be more helpful. “I’m just thankful to be alive.” Josh P. Everyone has multicultural experiences

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