Essay On Multicultural Experience

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In sixteen years of life, I have received an opportunity to experience different cultures, learning styles, and languages. To start of, I am an American since I was born here, but the reality is that I was raised in India. My parents’ main motivation for moving back to India was because they wanted us to embrace our traditions, and most importantly, value our family relationships. We relocated back to the US at the start of 9th grade. This transition was a huge factor for transforming me as a person. I am cognizant of the two systems, cherish both, and realize that these multicultural experiences have encouraged me to grow and mature beyond my years. Relocating from a place is not as easy as one can imagine. When compared to the US, India …show more content…

Next, science is the light that keeps us out of the dark ages. If science did not evolve, we would have many unanswered questions related to real life, die with terrifying diseases, and starve without hygiene and nutritious food. Because science has an impact on every aspect of our lives, I am eager in exploring this immense field of study and improve society through healthcare. When it comes to STEM field and school, on top of maintaining good GPA and grades, I devote my time well to my extracurriculars. Starting 7th grade, my passion for opting the medical field has strengthened due to my influential pediatrician. This enhanced drastically as I started gaining many volunteering and shadowing experiences throughout high school. As a freshman, I started taking advantage of majority of the opportunities around me like joining HOSA (Health Occupations Students Of America), Steminism, NHS, UPMC Passavant, Senior Living Facility. Covering a wide range of areas in healthcare-- volunteering/shadowing a geriatrician, pharmacist, nurse, surgeon and more-- solidified my aspiration. However, when I think about the medical field, clinical is not the only side. Research plays a huge role in medicine because without this, we would have inadequate knowledge about science and also would not have access to all these sophisticated treatments. Bayer School Scholars Program is a great opportunity for students like me to

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