Reflection On My Writing Process

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So far, taking this English course has impacted my writing skills in a good way. This class has helped me to acquire skills to become a better writer in college and for my future. In this class I have had the chance to make important revisions to my papers when needed. I learned how to use the writing process effectively so far by brainstorming ideas for my topic, making multiple drafts, getting in groups for peer editing, and revising my paper into a final draft. By following this writing process it makes me look deeper into my essay and explore all the ways I can make revisions until it’s perfect. By using that writing process it has changed my writing and the way I look at “writing papers” as a whole. Although, there are some challenges that I still face with my writing that I will have fixed by the end of this course. The writing process was something new to me this semester and something I was not familiar with. It took me some time to understand the steps, considering I am able to pick my own topic to write about for each essay compared to being given a specific prompt or topic. Being able to pick what I want to write about is a huge advantage because I am more engaged and motivated. Not only being able to pick my topic, being able to write multiple drafts for my essays helps me in the long run; then I can use all of my drafts to make the best final draft I can. When editing those drafts and making adjustments I would pick a certain point of emphasis like commas, run
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