Reflection On Rt's Medication Management Placement

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RT had a scheduled medication management appointment with Mary Pestrak at 4:30pm on 6/15/16, but RT called NP Mary and rescheduled. RT stated that she wouldn't be able to come to TSI for her appointment. However, writer met with RT and inquired about RT's well-being and RT stated " I am doing good". RT informed writer that on 6/14/16, she went to her PCP and did blood work and is scheduled to go back to her PCP on 6/21/16 to get the completed physical form hat was provided to RT by writer. RT's medication management appointment is rescheduled for 6/22/16, RT ensured writer that she will be there. Writer informed RT that she is awaiting to hear from Marguerite to get more information on a GED program. RT was appreciative of writer's assistance.
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