Reflection On Social Work

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Throughout our lives we experience many events that help to shape our development. Frequently, we are unaware of the developments taking place until we take time to reflect back on these events. Historically, many theorists have proposed various concepts that they feel best demonstrate the developments that people experience throughout their lifetime. Upon reflection of my personal life, I am able to connect some of the theories found in social work today with events that have happened in my life, particularly throughout my adolescence. When I was 14 I suffered a severely broken leg, which eventually resulted in having my knee reconstructed and a subsequent three follow-up surgeries. This surgery took place two weeks before I started my freshman year of high school and the results yielded two months of being on crutches with my knee immobilized in a brace. All of this resulted from simply walking across the floor; I did not fall, trip, or have a recreational related accident- in fact, I caught myself before I even hit the ground. This event immediately began my questioning of why this happened to me. Up until this point in my life I had believed that if I drank my milk and was careful nothing would happen to me; I believed that injuries only happened when someone wasn’t careful. I also believed that if I had the initial reconstruction surgery and did my follow-up physical therapy I would be healed quickly. The resulting months that eventually turned into years of

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