Social Work Reflection

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I met Christine over a year ago in dingy old Olive Garden where we both worked at the time. Christine was among the many servers at Olive Garden that were working their way through school, but that wasn’t all she was doing, she was also raising 4 children on her own. Due to our vastly different ages and places in life, Christine and I’s relationship never surpassed work place acquaintances, but I always had a lot of respect for what she was doing. This last spring Christine finally graduated with her BSW and left Olive Garden for social work and hasn’t looked back. To start off Christine answered some questions about her education and experience. Christine is fairly new to the field of social work, considering she graduated less than a year ago. She graduated last spring with her Bachelor’s of Social Work from our own Utah Valley University social work program. Before she could receive her license Christine did her internship at the Division of Child and Family Services, which is where she is currently employed. The next thing we discussed was her current employment and feelings toward her job. Christine talked about people telling her that child welfare is “the trenches of social work” and she admited it does feel that way some days. But on the other hand, Christine talked very highly of her internship at DCFS and that she loved the challenge DCFS posed for her. But in all honesty, she spilled that the main reason she picked DCFS, was that they offered her a job the week

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