Reflection On Solitary Self Reflection

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PD7 Assignment 3 jrmarion Reflection:
During their lengthy times of solitary self-reflection, both Gina and Malik were both able to thoroughly reflect on their actions at work and how they affected each other and their teammates/ fellow co-workers. While Gina was self-reflecting she decided to try and put herself in Malik’s shoes. She realised that she might have got the wrong idea of him and should talk to him in an open and safe way about how they could more effectively work and communicate together. Similarly Malik thought about how he should handle talking to Gina about their new project and how Gina and he were not seeing eye-to-eye on some things. He also thought about how he could politely ask Gina to stop spreading office gossip that she had been spreading without making it seem like he knew she was the one who had been spreading it without explicitly blaming it on her.

The next week at work after both Gina and Malik’s groups started working together; Gina approached Malik at his desk in the morning. She asked him how his weekend was, politely, and he replied by telling her how he went out on his sailboat for a nice ride around the lake at his cottage. Gina then asked him if he was available later in the afternoon to talk about how they could work more effectively on their project together. Malik was glad that she had brought this up because he had been meaning to talk to her as well. Malik suggested they go for a walk after lunch both so as to get some…
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