Reflection On The Art Of Being Human

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When I first signed up for the class “ Art of being human” I was not sure what to expect. Nervous from the weird reactions I would get when I told someone I was taking the class. However there is a reason you should take people's opinions with a grain of salt, this class was very interesting and I believe good for me. What art of being human has done is taught me the history behind things such as film and theatre, where before I would not give much thought to these subjects. It has also expanded my knowledge on some of the subjects I was really interested in such as art and music.
I did not truly understand poetry before this class, it was not something I read for pleasure. For the most part, I thought it was uninteresting. I did not enjoy novels, for the simple fact they consumed too much time. I would usually choose the easiest books to read, anything I could find with the most pictures. My level of conscious choice was not very high. I never really thought about the symbolism and philosophy behind the stories. For the most part I took everything I read at face-value and never thought too deeply about what the author was implying. I didn’t try to figure out the “secrets” behind what the author was saying. It never really occurred to me that the smallest thing can have the biggest meaning in the big picture. After taking this course I still do not necessarily enjoy reading novels, poetry, or non fiction, however; I do see these writings in a new light. I have a deeper

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