Reflection On The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was a very significant time in history. I’ve heard a lot about it growing up and learning many things about it in school. Personally I think that the whole situation was just terrible. There are many things that I will never forget about the Holocaust and I wasn’t even a part of it. There are many different things though that help me to never forget this time in history including images, ideas, and feelings. First, there are many images that help me to remember the Holocaust. In the beginning of the book, one image that stands out to me is when Ellie and his father are separated from his mother and sisters. I don’t know why but that just stands out to me because that would be so hard to be going through all of this and then on top of it you have to be separated from your family. One other image that stands out to me is picturing what all of the Jews look like during this time at the camps. They were so mistreated and malnourished that they were basically just skin and bones. It’s a gross and sad image but it’s just one other thing that reminds me of what happened during the Holocaust. Second, there are some ideas that help me to remember the Holocaust. One idea that stands out to me the most…show more content…
I wasn’t even a part of the Holocaust and I still feel the emotions of anger, sadness, and being afraid when I learn about it and discuss it. It just makes me so angry to think that people, just like you and me, would do such harmful things to other people who are also just like you and me. In the same sense it also makes me sad. I personally couldn’t hurt any living thing on purpose and just to think that this is exactly what the Germans did to the Jews. It sometimes gives me the feeling of being afraid as well because it makes me think that if this once happened before, then It could possibly happen again. I highly doubt that will ever happen but just thinking about it scares
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