Story Of The Assisi Network

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Many heroes worked hard to save Jewish people during the Holocaust, a genocide of anti-semitism, and their stories live on in the people who they saved. In September 1943, Bishop Giuseppe Nicolini received a letter from the Pope in Vatican that told him that the church should organize help for all refugees, especially the Jewish people and the Assisi Network was born. The “Assisi Network” began as a refugee camp with help from the surrounding Church community, but soon evolved into a huge organized operation. The people who risked their lives to run the Assisi Network helped to save hundreds of people and fought to hide Jews who would have otherwise been prosecuted. The story of the Assisi Network preserves the legacy of the Holocaust by using …show more content…

It is just one of many stories of ordinary people taking the heroic call for action upon themselves. For example, Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl whose family was hidden for years in the annex f oan office building with the help of the family's friends and coworkers. Many Jewish people’s choice Anne Frank and her family had little choice about their lives simply because they were Jewish. Anne Frank’s family was forced into hiding to avoid being sent into concentration camp and to avoid Anti-Semitic practices. Members of the Assisi Network believed that all refugees should have a choice: in what religion they practiced, to not be discriminated against, to have a life and personality outside of their race and religion. Gertruda Babilins was the nanny of a rich Jewish family and saved the boy who had she cared for when the war began. She worked very hard to give him a good childhood because she thought that the Nazis had robbed him of that. Gertruda wanted Mickey to practice Judaism even though she was a Catholic and he was immersed in Catholic culture. Even though it was hard for her to pay for his Jewish schooling. Just like those of the Assisi network allowed the people they rescued to practice Judaism even though it made the hiding process more …show more content…

The Holocaust was the result of the cumulation of years of racism and pure hatred. The Holocaust’s legacy has to be preserved if there is any chance to eliminate racial genocide. Learning about terrible events like the Holocaust helps to promote a sense of responsibility and a fight for human rights. Knowing that blind hatred can lead to genocide will help to eliminate genocide because knowing that something horrible is preventable forces a sense of responsibility for those who can to stop it. Remembering the Holocaust is a way to ensure that anything like it is never repeated because if something so terrible is preventable, everyone should help to prevent

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