Reflection On Writing

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English 220 helped expand my ideas on what good writing is, and has helped me embrace certain stylistic choices to help add personality and intrigue to my writing. Reading and discussing Chapter 9 of They Say, I Say helped me identify and tweak my voice in later writing assignments, including MWA 2, and now I feel more comfortable deciding to use informalities and voice changes in my writing when it is necessary to better fit the prompt. In addition, our in-class discussions helped me become more comfortable with my sharing my own ideas about things and engaging in discussion about them, which allowed me to analyze the novels we read on a deeper level. Sometimes, voicing opinions in a classroom setting can be a little intimidating, but the welcoming atmosphere of the course helped take some of the pressure off and was very conducive to constructive discussion which gave me the opportunity to practice quick, critical thinking and finding document-based proof in a time-sensitive setting. Before this course, I was only vaguely aware of the plethora of issues that LGBTQ+ individuals face on a daily basis, especially as young adults. Growing up is hard, and growing up as an LGBTQ+ youth tends to be even more difficult. The books we read were, at varying points, beautiful, funny, sad, and poignant, and above all they were eye-opening as they helped me see the world from the perspective of a queer young adult. My family is very accepting, and while I have never struggled with my

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