Reflection Paper About Sex

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1) Loving your body and yourself
Someone can only love you if you love yourself. This class made me retake drawing. One exercise presented in class was to do someone you are good at to help build confidence. I loved drawing portrait but for some reason I stopped once I started dating my boyfriend of 3 years. I now starting to bring that hobbies back up and its making me love myself stronger again. In one of our NPR, students also reviews media and its harmful effects on female body image. I am a healthy BMI but I constantly think I am not skinny enough, which is disappointing. I decided to unfollow the girls that made me insecure online on apps such as Instagram and twitter. I follow more body positive accounts. I found a love for fitness and health and I decided I want to feel better rather than look skinner. It made a world of difference being in the class and learning that loving yourself was not as hard as I expected.
2) Understanding sexual activity through the years
This topic took me by surprise. I don’t live with older adults, only my parents. I have never had a grandmother to talk to so I just never thought of the idea of growing old with someone. Research from NSSHB 2010, shows that people between the ages of 18-29 have sex on average of 112 times per year, while adults 40-49 have sex around 69 times a year. This study shows that 3 percent of married women reported that they had never had sex in the past year. I find this information important because lowering of

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