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Every parent’s goal in life is to protect their child and try to raise them the best way they can. Some parents will go the extra mile just to see their kids happy. My parents are very religious people they are the kind that goes to church every Sunday and volunteer to help the church with fundraisers and what not. My parents had very strong conservative beliefs and were very strict, with me being their only young child and only daughter. Their views on marriage were very strict as well they believed if a woman wanted to be with a man they would have to get married and have kids and the man must provide for the women, also typical Hispanic traditions. That was how my mother and father were brought up and that is how they wished to see me. They always tried to depict their faith in me from a very young age to serve God and never sin. As I grew up in the new day and age I never agreed to the way my parents lived I felt like I can be my own woman and decide what I wanted to do with my life. I learned a valuable lesson about Faith and family when my parents disowned me for running away from my house to move in with my boyfriend. As I grew older my parents grew stricter and I grew more rebellious. I would not attend church as much and I started sneaking out to see my friends because they didn’t approve with the crowd I was hanging out with although I still had much respect for them and was a great student. I was dating this boy for about 2 years during high school and my

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