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Every teacher that I have ever had has always enforced the golden rule that ‘reading is fundamental’. That’s what I think of when I think of reading a book. While my childhood sparked the start to my struggle how did overcoming speech issues, reading aloud, fantasy, and reading classic literature help? It starts with a negative experience but did I feel like I got a positive experience by my adulthood? Or do I still have that same trouble, just an easier time. Every time I look back to my childhood I see every type of struggle that I had to jump through the hoops to overcome. First memory I fully remember is getting glasses. When I went to the eye doctor they noticed that I struggled to see and that had answered my parents’ questions. …show more content…

Over the course of my Elementary school career I started to try reading books that were a level harder then I was used to just help the struggles of reading.
Why did fantasy help me with my struggle of reading? Well, over time I noticed that I had a tough time opening my eyes to imagination, this had eventually made it a tad harder for me to concentrate on reading. I had eventually decided to start young and read as many fantasy books to open my mind to imagination. This had truly helped me see that reading could be a great impact and a positive thing in my life. Reading started to become easier for me to comprehend. My imagination sparked new positive side in my reading. It helped me overcome a piece of my struggles and made half of them disappear. The books that helped me with that was Harry Potter. All the magic and magical animals and imaging a unicorn running around in a beautiful, grassy field gave me back what was missing in my brain. Classic literature is said to be one of the hardest, and it truly is. This is because of the different text, words were different in certain time periods. This made me struggle with diction and it brought back my fear of not being able to read without needing help. Being able to read something in a different genre then what I’m used to reading is amazing. It opened my eyes and made me a better reader, made me overcome yet another part of my struggle. Being able to get through that hard of a text makes your ability

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