Reflection Paper

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Honors 103 presented me an intellectual challenge this semester; It certainly altered many of the expectations and assumptions about writing that I possessed prior to enrolling in the course. Throughout the semester, I wrote a strong paper that I was particularly proud of, in addition to a paper that I felt was weaker, and numerous papers in between. However, the weaker paper highlighted elements of writing that I will continue to refine moving forward. I actively participated in and regularly attended class, which helped me absorb the most amount of information as possible. I did many assignments and activities that were especially helpful, informative, and useful, although there were a few assignments that I would modify. This class addressed all the course objectives, and specifically helped me better understand and achieve several. Certain aspects of writing remain which I would like to learn more about, which goes hand in hand with the message that I took away from this course.

Expectations and Changes Thereof
When first embarking on my college journey, my writing skills were not a salient topic of concern. I have always considered myself a solid writer, and have earned corresponding grades that reflected, while somewhat bolstering, my assumptions. Thusly, as I enrolled in HNRS 103: Honors Written and Oral Communication, I felt that I would do well, but I did not realize the amount of effort I would have to put forth to do so. I expected to write papers and do

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