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Blue and red lights flashed outside, while I saw my father being handcuffed; my mother and older siblings crying. I was seven at the time, didn't really understand what was happening but later I found out he was deported. My mother tried her best to raise me, “Sepa como pensar,”my mother would always tell me, which in English it means,“know how to think.” I was raised to face reality at a young age and to know that everything that you want in life comes from hard work. Living in a household of 7 siblings was not easy, especially for a single mother who is also an immigrant. I was one of the youngest. My mother was diagnosed with her illness and has major depression since I was 12 years-old, so she had to stop working. For me overcoming poverty in my family is hard because my mother is not able to work due to her illnesses that she has to face. Growing up knowing not being able to afford certain types of things or being able to help around the house financially was difficult, I felt like I was not good enough and useless until a professor that I met had a similar story as mine advised me that in order to get out of my situation was to get an education. I have five sisters and one brother, the four oldest never went to college and live off paycheck by paycheck. We rely on my brother for financial assistance since he is the only one in our family who has earned a degree. I never really like to talk about my life at home, for me, it shows a sign of weakness. I feel like

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