Reflection Paper On Ballet

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Coming into this semester, I had many ballet related goals for myself. I knew I had the opportunity to work towards those goals and hopefully achieve them. I was expecting a lot out of myself throughout the semester, but I don’t feel I achieved everything I had hoped I would. I do feel that I improved in my technique, but there are aspects that still need improvement. At the beginning of the semester, one of my goals was to perform more in class and use more épaulement. I knew this was a detail that I struggled with and wanted to improve in. I feel that throughout the duration of the semester, I did improve with my in class performance. For the midterm, I wasn’t even thinking about the performance quality, but looking back I did it without even realizing it. As for the final, I definitely lacked the performance factor. My usage of épaulement was non-existent during parts of the adagio and the temps lie combinations. I was so in my head about the combinations and not allowing myself to make any mistakes that my upper body didn’t move. Even though I was using my head occasionally, my eyes were still looking at the floor. This is definitely a detail that I need to continue to work on with my ballet training.
Another aspect that I wanted to improve upon was ballón in my jumps. I used to barely use my plié when I jumped and. aAs the semester progressed, I had to use my plié in order to get my jumps fast enough. There was no option but to focus on the ballón in my jumps, but

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