Reflection Paper On Ecotopia

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Reflection Paper on Ecotopia
Ernest Callenbach was an successful American author, editor, and simple living adherent. He’s well known as author of the visionary semi-utopian novel Ecotopia, an environmental classic that has sold almost a million copies. In his book Ecotopia, Callenbach describes parts of the American northwest (Northern California, Oregon, and Washington) were to secede from the USA and form a new nation, called Ecotopia, founded on eco-friendly ideals. And some of the idea would still be useful to improve the environment.
The book was written in 1974, and the background was set to 25 years in the future, 1999, and the book was written as diary entries and reports of William Weston, who is a journalist of the New York Times-Post. Weston is the first American in the history to visit and report Ecotopia. Ecotopia is a small country that broke away from the United States in 1980. The purpose that Weston visit to Ecotopia, is to break secrecy of Ecotopia. Since no one has been to Ecotopia after the splite in 1980, when Weston is about to leave home, the sense of mistrust is so great that many people are trying to convince Weston to stay home so he won’t be eaten by people of Ecotopia. At the time, many people believe that Ecotopians are practicing cannibalism.
However, after Weston’s tripe, American’s fear of people in Ecotopia are no longer exist. The rumor of Ecotopians, such as practice cannibalism, has been proved as pure fantasy. Weston has also described
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