Reflection Paper On English As A Trojan Horse

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A Reflection Paper on Ties that Constrict: English as a Trojan Horse

Three month ago, I came to Canada to start my four-year undergraduate education in York University. English used everywhere such as classrooms, restaurants even toilets. You can handle nothing without an out-standing English grasp here. So compared to the second topic which is about the human rights and freedom in Canada, I think I am more interested in the first one which is related to English (political issues cannot bother me at all). Not only English is indispensable to me right now, it also plays an important and significant role in the contemporary society. However, some controversies about English are furiously argued in the modern society. Some scholars think that English is a beneficial tool for the globalization, while others claims that the spread of English is a threat to developing countries. In this essay, I am willing to give a reflection discussion about the article of David Cookie Ties that constrict: English as a Trojan Horse and my own opinion and suggestions about this controversial issue of the learning of English will be given.
David Cookie argues that English is a ‘Trojan Horse’ which is intriguing from outside but there is a latent danger inside. He claims that English is the dominate language around the world in the contemporary society and he thinks that the spread of English is an appropriate, welcome, positive development for developed countries, but for developing or Third

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