Reflection Paper On Fieldwork Experience

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During my fieldwork experience, I observed a particular grower that was in my group on my last day of fieldwork. This was my first time meeting this grower so generally, I was unsure as to how things would pan out between us. Prior to meeting this client, I was assuming that the client would generally keep to himself and not interact with his peers or new people such as myself. However, to my surprise, the client that I observed did in fact interact with his his peers and even interacted with myself. Despite just meeting on my last day of fieldwork, I felt as though I knew this grower for a very long time. The grower would interact with others by giving them a high fives, engaging in the variety of tasks that we had throughout the day, and laughing when it was appropriate. The way that this particular grower interacted with is peers definitely surprised me and was a different then what I had expected.
The grower that I had the opportunity to interact with seemed to be diagnosed with severe autism. The was demonstrated in many ways. The client rarely made eye contact with his peers and other supervisors. In addition, the client lacked communication with his peers and his supervisors as well. When he tried to communicate, he would in a way grunt towards you or he may have laughed if he was enjoying himself. At times, the client would have an outburst of arm flapping that would last about three to five seconds each. This only occurred about four times throughout the
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