Reflection Paper On Flying High Performance Jets

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“Beyond the elementary definition of motivation, there is little agreement on the precise meaning of a concept that is absolutely central to sport psychology” (Cashmore, p. 175). I’ll be honest. I’m fascinated by the study of motivation and I often reflect wondering why I do the things I do today and what drove me in the past to do what I did. I figured that if I could discover what drove me then, perhaps I could establish a more efficient and productive path to my future and also help others do the same.

I lost a lot of friends in the business of flying high performance jets. I’m often motivated by the choir of my dead friends to seek answers to the mystery of the human brain and why we make errors. Errors are what kill most …show more content…

We did it because we loved flying jets, period dot. Waving the flag is like tossing pompoms in the air at a football game. They look good and get everyone’s arousal moving upwards, but that was not what was driving the core of the players. Elite athletes love their sport. They have a passionate drive to succeed with competence, autonomy, and relatedness. We were all like a hungry rabbits chasing a carrot and willing to die for it. Once someone discovers their purpose and then running toward it with all their might, effort, and a solid action plan, absolutely nothing can stop someone like that who would die in pursuit of that passion.

The purpose of my discussion is to explore, through reflection, the motivation that drove my past in order to see if I can shed some light on the topic to enhance and supplement my motivational interviewing (MI) techniques that I have learned this week. I want to take this same spirit of motivation that is autonomous, internal, inspiring, and lasting to my family, friends, and future clients who are seeking to perform in sports or other performance related endeavors with competence, relatedness, and autonomy.

I believe the authors of Chapter 3 and 4 plus Dr. Woolsey’s Positive Coaching workshop paper and his Self-determination Theory slide show were excellent sources to help guide me and get the juices flowing in this process of taking my passion to transform someone into having the same type of motivation to chase their

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