Reflection Paper On Leadership

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At this point in our lives, I would say that most of us have been in a role where we knew our Manager was not an effective leader or maybe our experience has found us working under a great leader. How does one determine what makes an effective leader or not and what is this based on? Personalities of leaders and followers have a correlation to leadership effectiveness.
As noticed in the chapter reading, the way leadership has been viewed is slowly changing in the times. Many of us work with people of many different ages and are aware of the different generations and styles that leadership has to adapt to. In my experience, I have typically seen the hierarchy style of leadership. However, this style of leadership is changing and adapting to meet the new personalities and values of others. Why is this? The personalities of the followers are changing in the view of how and where work can be performed. As a result of this, leadership is adapting to these changes to ensure a continued effective leadership.
What would you say is an effective leadership? The books definition is “Effective leaders are individuals who use influence to create change that benefits the mission an md vision of the organizations.” (Organizational Behavior) The idea of who is responsible for effective leadership is changing as well. While we are changing our thoughts of who is actually the leader, reducing it to one or two people in a department, we are expanding that role to include many people,

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