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A Life Time “Mistake” that made me A World Class “Magento Master 2016” Interview With Marius Strajeru Wajid Hussain Sep 30, 2016 Marius banner Marius by a person is a very down to earth guy while he has a very vast professional experience and knowledge in the Magento field. He happens to be very active at Magento forums and all the Magento Communities. His expertise is in Magento Module Development. He is considered as this era’s dominant Magento Developer and ranked number 1 on Magento StackExchange. He has made important contributions to the development of Magento Platform, Magento Core Development, and Magento Extension Development. Read our exclusive interview with this World Class Magento Developer to find out more about his self-learned journey. Arpatech: Marius, you…show more content…
I’ve been working at Arnia Software for more than 3 years (and counting). It’s a great place to work, I’m surrounded by people that I can call, without any regret, my friends. This makes it a lot easier every day. But the awards did not come because of my work at Arnia. I rarely do any Magento projects here. I haven’t worked on one in 2 years. Marcus award The nominations and awards made me happy of course. It showed that the work I’ve done so far is appreciated and useful. It all started with the challenge I mentioned before. I had to learn Magento by myself. Back then the old Magento forum was really slim with shady answers and I started answering questions with challenges similar to what I had to make it easier for others. Years later Magento.StackExchange came along and I shifted my focus there, mostly because the forum was more spam than useful information. I had some free time at that point to answer questions. For a lot of them, I didn’t know the answer but they were interesting enough to make me dig further. That helped me learn a lot as well. As for motivation, I have nothing more to say than “always take a hands on approach”. I’m not good at motivating people
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