Reflection Paper On Observation Of A Student

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Over the past month I have been observing in Lebanon High school in a biology class. During my time in this class I have observed a lot and have had a lot of great opportunities that have helped open my eyes toward teaching, and the skills that are necessary to be successful in the field. While there I had the opportunity to work with a student with learning disabilities. During this interaction I learned how to best work with those who have a learning disability and that it takes the ability to think outside the box when trying to explain to the student what the task is so that they are able to understand what they are being asked to do.

While observing the student with learning disabilities I observed a few interesting qualities that this student had that stood out from the other students. One of the qualities that I observed was that he was quiet. Unlike the rest of his class who would turn around and talk with the kids behind them, he would just sit there and wait for further instructions. Another interesting observation that I made was that my student would be interested in his work, but as time went on he began to loose interest in his work and would need someone to remind him to stay on task which was one of his accommodations. I found that his ability to become unmotivated was more prevalent when he was taking notes with the class off the smart board compared to when the class was in a group discussion and the teacher was asking open ended questions.


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