Reflection Paper On Reflections Of Teaching

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Assignment Two Reflections of Teaching
I was given a year 10 BTEC IT&C class to teach. This class has a mixture of abilities and behaviour. Talking to the students over the term the students that could be said to be “disruptive” would happily tell me that they “did not want to pick this option” and felt they had no choice but pick the subject. This gave an interesting challenge of trying to engage these students with the subject and improve behaviour and the environment of the class in general.
Pollard (2014) suggests that there are three types of students, goodies who conform and thought to be dull, jokers who like to have a laugh with teachers and gangs who are willing to disrupt lessons. Within this class I could group student easily into each of these groups yet while this form of pigeonholing students into these groups may appear to be insensitive on the underlining I found I could tackle each group and use it as a tool to help differentiate the tasks that the lesson is to give. In our Subject Specialist sessions at university our tutor Tony Stockford always reminds us that a student who not engaged with the work risk becoming disruptive in the lesson due to boredom and frustrations.
The later part of the term saw these students starting to prepare revision materials for an up and coming exam after the Christmas holidays. This came after a fortunately timed assembly on revision aimed at the year 11’s but given to all years. Remind students of the various techniques…
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