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Assignment 426 Teaching, learning and assessment in education and training My teaching role is to deliver professional courses that meet the governing body’s standards whilst adhering to their policy statements and codes of practice. Whilst delivering courses I use a variety of teaching methods to engage, motivate and support my learners in achieving their goals. Examples include roleplaying emergencies with simulated casualties, discussion, group work, podcasts as well as course PowerPoint’s and guided study through the learner workbook. I hope that clear communication; passion, professionalism and flexibility in my approach are evident to all the learners. Safety, health and welfare requirements within the Health and Safety at Work etc…show more content…
Within my area rapport is built as the course progresses and as the learner achieves the skills. Rapport is accelerated during the physical aspects of the course when interaction between teacher and learner(s) is at its highest and most dynamic. To encourage learner’s progression I use positive reinforcement via verbal praise, learner report cards, supported further by short-term goal setting. Clear communication with targeted mentoring throughout the course is vital. I actively encourage positive support by peers as this assists in bonding a class as a unit. External relationships include the venues internal health and safety officers due to the use of risk identification, assessments, management, specialist equipment and safety cover (i.e. lifeguards and rescue boats). The awarding body’s code of practice and various policy statements are mandatory and not for adjustment see RLSS UK (2010 1st Ed. revised 2013) RLSS UK Code of Practice. Organisational Standards, Guidance Notes and Policy Statements [available at] [pp5, 13 and Note 7 pp29]. Anything outside these documents must then be referred to the awards governing body (head office) for further guidance. Information, knowledge and physical skills are delivered through the organisations set teaching materials
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