Reflection Paper On Rock Climbing

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Reflection Paper #3 During Week 3, we started our day on the bad side due to the lack of sleep, and the change of weather. Throughout the day our energy level improved as the day went on. The field activity for the day included rock climbing. Discussion of group dynamics, rock climbing technique and leave no traces were brought up through out the day.
Group Dynamic The group dynamic was really off since the morning started. Everyone was gloomy and sleepy. I know that I personally slept for four hours the night before . Which leads me to almost thought about just coming to class two hours late just because of how unmotivated my mindset was at the time. Even in the group setting, it was not just me who was low on morale, it was everyone in class too. This can affect our group’s energy and it lowered morale and excitement within the rank. Sitting inside and listening to presentation all day long do not help . The idea of going out and moving around have help with our engird level. This is useful for leading group in time of low energy like what we went through that day. When it came to lunch time, people were feeling better due to having food in our system, and the active hand on cooking hlep made us more active. With food in our tummy, we were able to feel the energy to participate in our rock climbing.
Rock Climbing Technique Rock climbing was a very intense workout. I have not rock climb for a long time, I remembered the first time that I did, it took me a long time to

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