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Growing up, I never understood the phrase “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I could not wrap my head around the idea that something that was once harmful could transform into something that is beneficial. After all, I did not understand that painful situations could often result in unknowingly successful outcomes. To my surprise, I slowly began to understand the overused expression as I grew older. Through being exposed to the good and especially the evil, I realized that this saying was not simply a cliché or a catchy Kelly Clarkson song. Rather, this phrase became a proud part of my identity. Though I could never fathom how anything hurtful could result in personal gain, this all changed when I was forced to abandon my …show more content…

Their anger and hatred was fueled by constant indifferences, trust issues, and my father’s addiction to drugs. While each factor contributed to their eventual split, my father’s problem with drugs was by far the most impactful. I watched as my father grew to be short-tempered, violent, and selfish as he continued to abuse drugs. His intense struggle with addiction took an undoubtable toll on our family. The problems within my “perfect” family continued to accumulate until the divorce of my parents and the split of our family. When my parents broke the news to me regarding their divorce, I was crushed. I saw this divorce coming for months on end, but I was still sorrowful about my parents’ split. Their divorce changed my childhood entirely. I no longer saw my father much, and my mother had developed issues with alcohol. At this time of my life, I felt like I was truly alone. I rarely saw my parents, and I felt a sense of abandonment from them. Due to this, I grew resentful and jealous of other children who had loving parents and one household. I could not understand why this happened to my family and how it happened so fast. I was deeply distressed and I had no idea how to fix myself or my family. While this anger plagued me for a year or so, I eventually learned to deal with my feelings in a more positive way. Instead of seeing the divorce as something that ruined my family, I viewed it more as a blessing. I started to see the divorce as a way for

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