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I come from a family of King and Queens. A home where my father owns many acres of land. A dad who knew me before I knew myself. Born knowing that he already knows my beginning and end. A household with a cross above every main entrance, and a family that sleeps with a bible under every pillow. I live in a community of celebration from left to right, where every little thing that happens, will easily spread around. All happening in a household with a vast selection of food, containing spices that can be smelled from miles away. I am from a family of people who are treated wrongly but still treat others right. Our DNA coming from the tropical, overfilled, bold and “The Giant of Africa” Nigeria, with our blood shedding green and white. Yet we reside in this small loving state of Rhode Island. The father that I speak of is not just one person. I speak of my biological father, and the one I know is not of this world. My belief in Christ and my faith in Christianity is forever alive. The background in which I grew up into, of being born to parents with Nigerian descent we take our religion seriously. Praying every day and thanking the lord is a lifestyle for me, for I know to always be grateful, knowing that a situation or problem that may seem tough for me now is just a blessing in disguise. I remember first starting out at a Celestial Church. Which is an African Indigenous Church. The church had a strict dress code, to which members would wear an all-white garment, and

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