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I was born and raised in a Christian home and our family would go to church every Sunday morning and go out to eat after the services. This is what we did and it always seemed normal to me growing up so I thought that was what everyone else did. As I grew up and learned more about the culture we live in, I learned quickly that going to church on Sundays was not the norm. Around the age of 7, I accepted Christ into my heart with my mom in my bed after she asked me if I believed in Jesus. I do not regret this decision but I had little knowledge of what I had just committed to and continued to grow up the way the average Christian child would be raised in a Christian home (going to Sunday service and Sunday school knowing the right answers). A place that holds a special place in my heart is a camp called Miracle Camp. I had the opportunity to work there this summer as staff as a lifeguard and it was so encouraging to be there all summer learning and encountering God. I grew up going to Miracle Camp and always had the camp high experience. I remember my middle school years I went to camp and had an awesome experience. The last night was really impactful and just really encouraged me to be “reborn” that week and go home spending time in the word and praying more than when I left. It was awesome to have this experience but like many camp highs, this fire was diminished after about a month. I look back on this and remember just feeling like God could only reveal Himself at camp

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