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Growing up your parents most likely taught you to treat people the way you wanted to be treated; my case is quite the contrary. Imagine facing a judge and the person who is supposed to love you for an eternity at the same time. Now this is not what happened in a matter of days but years. Childhood memories and pictures are something everyone is supposed to cherish and reflect on; but for me it is an example on what not to be.
September 22nd, 1999 Cookeville Regional Hospital I, Olivia Myatt or at that time Olivia Rector was born. Now when you imagine a baby taking their first breath the room is filled with loved ones and friends, presents and cards congratulating the new family, and lots of hand washing. But for me, how I was told my story had started, the room was empty. No door knocking was to be heard but by the nurses and staff. If sadness was not caused by colic, a bright light, or a dirty diaper; but by the emotional emptiness a baby would feel if they knew noone had a clue they were born I imagine I would have felt it. I am not sure what happened the first 3 months of my existence but I know from then on out my life has been a slippery slope of hidden emotions and thoughts no kid should endure. The developmental milestones an infant mimics or was taught was not experienced by my parents, but by my mothers parents. When I was 3 months old my mother had dropped me along with my sister off with our grandparents while she spent her time depending on drugs and getting

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