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Despite my intellect, most colleges would classify me as a mundane, unimpressive person. I'm a white, heterosexual, Christian male: the most stereotypical example of a privileged person in America. I have experienced privilege, but I have also experienced hardships and inequitable stereotypes.

My parents bought a house in 2006, and, after fixing it up, we moved in approximately two years later. At the same time, the housing market crashed, devastating my family. My parents filed for bankruptcy; there were a few years where they were literally counting pennies at the grocery store, and the possibility I had to return to the private, Christian school I had previously attended was looking grim. However, due to the generous donations by friends and family and a very understanding school administration, I was able to continue attending Northwest Christian School for all my years of schooling.

During my time at Northwest, beginning even in kindergarten, I was dubbed a "nerd". In actuality, this only meant that I was smart and a great test taker. As a child, I was not bullied, but my intelligence and lack of acquired people skills successfully alienated me from a majority of my peers. This seclusion allowed me to form a small but close group of friends. However, as I grew older and more experienced, I learned how to better communicate with people, beginning to build relationships and break down the stereotypes that had defined my social life previously. I decided that one of the

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