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I originally saw poetry as a gargantuan chore of literacy. The idea in my cranium about poetry was, every poem or piece of writing had to be all about love or disgusting topics. But, junior year, that all changed with one student teacher. Ms. Evans changed my entire view of poetry and literature as a whole, she taught me how creative you can be with writing and books. Ironically, I fell in love with writing poetry about anything but love. I had teachers that abased my creativity, but alas, I prevailed.
My early experiences with poetry were not really that joyful. I was not fond of poetry in the sense that, it was only focused on pleasant feeling and emotions. I wanted to write about death, murder, and sacrifice. My early English teacher, Ms. Trogdon was not fond of this idea, due to the fact she had no idea why a 15 year-old whom was generally very happy, wanted to write about such horrifying topics! I fumbled and faked my way through the poetry unit for 2 years I had with her. I mainly wrote to fit an outline or “Please the crown”.
Junior year began, and with a new, older, and mundane teacher I was expecting the same requirements when it came time to a poetry unit. It was almost as if I was trained to dodge some sort of creativity or taboo topic “bullets”. But the revolutionary message came one day,
“Class, I want you to meet a new student-teacher, Ms. Evans. She will be doing the poetry unit with you for the following 9 weeks with me supervising.”
The class was in shock

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