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Over the first semester of my college career, I have written four papers in my General Studies Writing Class. The class started out with a Literacy Narrative, where I wrote about my past writing, and how I have improved throughout high school. The next paper was a book evaluation. It was over Hillbilly Elegy, by J.D. Vance. It was the common read for the incoming freshman this year at Bowling Green State University, so it was a book everyone in our class had been exposed to before hand. The next two dealt with education, both public and higher. We analyzed what the “point” of education is, and also whether liberal arts education was better than job training schools. These four papers are unlike most that I had written in high school, so it challenged me to think more critically and challenge many of my own opinions. It has given me a new perspective of many ideas, and even writing in general. Before taking this class, my writing style was pretty simple. I would generally just sit down, maybe take a few notes, and write my paper all at once. With these topics, it was much harder to do this, since I was to go into much deeper detail. I would brainstorm ideas and topics to write about beforehand, and then also while writing. I would repeat this process over and over until I got most or all of my ideas out and onto the paper. In between, I would read and research the topic to gain more knowledge on what I was actually writing about. The critical reading I would do throughout

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