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At a young age money, politics, and first world problems never occurred to me. However, as I grew older all of these things started to hit me one at a time. From when I started my first job at fifteen, this thing called “taxes” took money out of my check. At that time my mother showed me all of the bills she had to deal with such as, house payments, insurance, and car payments. My entire world was turned around on the subject. This led me to start caring more about America's crises and the responsibilities that come along with adulthood. After bringing my child into this uncertain, harsh world, this subject concerned me beyond belief. It was a cruel smack in the face from reality. Starting with the little things, this is how the 2017 presidential election changed my view on this country, and my view on the world in general. In 2012, the presidential election was between the current president at the time, Barack Obama, and his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney. This part of my life seemed like a blur, as I can not recall lots of memories from that time period. Aside from that, one thing was prominent from that point in time. While watching the television the night of the election, I didn't pay close attention to it. Mainly due to the fact that my twelve year old brain didn't fully understand or even really care about who the next president was going to be. After President Barack Obama was announced the winner of the 2012 election, with the TV full of crying faces

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