Reflection Paper

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One of the easiest and sometimes hardest papers to write are ones that are a reflection on what you have learned over the course. I enjoy reflection papers because it allows me to put what I have thought and felt the whole class onto one paper. It can be difficult because two to three pages really isn’t a lot of space if you feel very passionate but I find a way to make it work. This class was a last minute add on for me because I switched majors to graduate a little earlier. I thought that I was done taking writing classes for a very long time but here I am finishing the tenth week of another writing class. I always get very nervous before taking a writing class because I don’t see myself as the best writer but somehow I manage to still get pretty decent grades. After about the second or third week I realize that I do enjoy writing classes because it gives me an outlet to really write about things that I have passion for while also teaching me something that will be useful later in life. I have taken a few writing classes in the past but that was many years ago at a different college. Those writing classes had books and reading for each class much like this one. The big difference was the reading was on grammar and learning how to write proficiently. The thing that made this class different was that there was no book and we learned based on reading other people’s writings. I really liked being able to read information that was relevant to me and the time while also
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