Reflection Paper

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They enveloped me like the saltwater of the ocean, the words sporadically dragging me down. I had always excelled at math and science; however, when it came to writing, especially about myself, I was an ordinary student. I hoped that at some point, spontaneously, my ability to write would be revamped to match my skills in problem-solving. Unfortunately, that point never came, and I had to learn how to substitute many of the words I used with larger, more descriptive words. Even so, my struggle with writing persisted, and the assignments continued to pour in. Eventually, I discovered that my conflict with essays and other compositions was due, in part, to my displeasure of writing about myself and my experiences. My aversion to writing has always been natural. Although, I learned that this abhorrence is reduced when I focus on a topic that interests me or when I control my writing’s development and outcome. The only type of writing that I had ever produced in school was the overly structured essays that were focused on me/myself. I assumed that no other approaches existed; however, I eventually discovered which elements of the writing process that were the roots of my displeasure.
At St. Rose School, writing was taught as if it were mechanical and rigid with each sentence requiring set position in the five paragraph format demonstrated to me. Achieving this format then became my ultimate goal when answering the writing prompts shelled out by the school each quarter, as well
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