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On December 5th, I, along with Nicholas Vigilante and Tessa Bloomer, led the final recitation for our section. The friday before we were to lead the class, we met in Van Pelt library to discuss our lesson plan, included in the final page of the PDF. Our discussion was very focused and organized, and it did not take us too much time to agree on what was most important to cover for our lesson. Because it was required for us to allot some time to review each other’s final projects, we decided to do so in the beginning of the class. Nicholas pointed out that it would be worth it to talk about the UN Sustainability Goals mentioned in class, so we decided to spend the next section of class discussing how those related to our peers’ majors. Afterwards, I thought it would be prudent to have a discussion on the United States’ decision to drop out of the Paris Climate Accords, given how it connect to the unit’s material and the potential ramifications the decision has on our future as humans. As a whole, we decided to look at one more case study, the Bhopal disaster, and then transition that into a discussion of the readings. For the most part, our plan for the recitation went along smoothly. Many of the students paid attention throughout the class, and a lot of good discussion was generated on the topics we provided. The students gave each other useful feedback on their projects as well. One thing we did not accurately account for, however, was the length of the discussions. Some

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