Reflection on My Portfolio Essay

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Reflection on My Portfolio

Literature has fascinated me from an early age. I was always an extremely active child, yet all I needed to settle down was a good book. The worlds created from the page within my mind were wondrous and amazing. However, I never imagined that I would become an English Literature major in college. Like many others before me, I wasn’t sure what you could do with an English major but teach or write, neither of which I planned on doing. A business or management major seemed much more practical. Despite these misgivings, I knew that I wanted a major that I enjoyed rather than one that was a “safe bet.” Therefore, when a professor of mine opened my eyes to all of the possibilities, it didn’t take long for
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As it stands, I did end up choosing it for my portfolio. The process of research and revision on this paper alone has allowed me to grow and development as an English Major.

This portfolio has taught me a number of things. Whenever a person must write a paper in college there are deadlines. Looking back on all of the papers I have written, I cannot think of one that I was completely satisfied with at the time I handed it in. The Literature Portfolio has allowed me to further research and more fully develop them. This opportunity has been a valuable lesson in serious research and writing. I have discovered the joy of being able to fully immersing myself into one book for an extended amount of time.

All of this has matured me into a more critical reader. I have read and enjoyed countless books. However, I only scratched the surface of the meaning and significance of these works until I became a Literature Major. These pieces show my maturation in their understanding of the authors’ techniques and devices. Only through this understanding was I able to imitate Hellman’s style and able to critique Joyce’s use of paralysis.

Some of my greatest strengths as a Literature Major are exhibited in my portfolio. I believe that one of these strengths is the ability to identify styles and techniques used by authors and apply them to my writing. A pattern I have noticed throughout my

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