Reflective Essay About Freedom

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Freedom in my own perspective could be defined as the power to express individuality and independence, the power to do as one pleases at any time without being questioned. We all wanted freedom when were little kids, the memories of not being allowed to go out with friends without supervision, or even to attend a party at a friend’s house. I can personally say that I wish I was still back in those days sometimes where we didn’t know about freedom because back then we only knew about limitations and not to overstep our boundaries. These days we see people doing so many horrible things because we as adults and being present in the 21st century has access to freedom of speech and the will to do anything we want. Freedom has caused some of us the ability to do good things where as it has caused others to overstep their boundaries and make others around them uncomfortable, such as freedom of speech allows us to say what we want at any given time or situations and everyone now thinks that their opinion is the best and this results in conflict and sometimes death. …show more content…

Mary Black stated in her article that really had me thinking which was “I can wear makeup. I can wear anything I like. That short skirt may look better on someone younger or thinner, but no one can stick me in prison for wearing it.” These lines alone shows you the freedom women has but it could get us in trouble. Using makeup is frown upon now because women are called names such as ugly and being told there only pretty when wearing makeup, these alone can hurt a woman and to an extent anyone feelings. Short clothing just like makeup is also being frowned upon because of the stereotype of being a “slut” or trying too hard. So when does the power of freedom actual become a benefit? Freedom becomes a benefit when an individual experiences interior freedom, as discussed in class this is the point where an individual doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion and this leads to a peaceful

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