Reflective Essay About God

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Growing up in a religious family has shaped up my beliefs in God. Ever since I was a kid, I went to catholic schools, so i’ve learned a lot about God. I was a believer at first since everyone was spooning me the knowledge and how great God is. Now that I’m a little older I started to question things. It is possible that we have a god out there, because how can this all start, how did life begin. Something had to start, something great had to start all of this. Maybe because it’s so hard to picture what started off first and how did everything come to this but there has to be something bigger out there. I don’t think the god out there is the god we know or what we want him to be. No one has ever seen him or her yet. We all just believe that he is there. An almighty god that allows suffering in this world. I know he is out there but I don’t think he is that much of a caring God.
For years we’ve been trying to figure out how this earth was created, science played a massive part of this, but ever since I was a kid I’ve been taught that God was the creator. He creates everything and made it just the way he wanted. He was so powerful that even little details like how the water flows in a river was designed just the way He wanted it. Even colors that we’ve accidently found by mixing them, He already knew all of this. From the little freckles on someones face to how deep the ocean is, God made all of this. Trees changing colors of each season, how creative can God be.The blood

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