Reflective Essay On Faith

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Everyone lives by faith. Even the atheist. It is an inescapable reality of life on planet earth.

We must all live by faith because none of us knows everything. Were we all-knowing, as the Bible declares God to be, faith would be quite unnecessary. Faith addresses things we believe but do not absolutely know to be true. Faith is inextricably woven into the fabric of our daily lives. In May of 2000 my wife, daughter, and I boarded a Boeing 777 and flew for over 12 hours twice (to and from Japan) with a belief that the plane would safely reach our respective destinations. In business we sign contracts making long-term financial commitments with a belief that we will be able to pay or get paid, depending upon which side of the deal we stand. We buy advance tickets to concerts, plays, and sporting events with the belief that we will be well and otherwise able to attend.

Faith is no longer an issue once I have stepped into the terminal at the destination airport; then I know. I need no faith when the contract is completed; then I know I have given or received what was expected. Faith is no longer an issue once the concert or the game is over; then I know whether or not I got my money's worth.

We can be so confident of faith issues, have amassed such subjectively strong supportive evidence, that we would say we "know" such and such. I do. For instance, I could be heard saying "I know there is a God." When I make such a statement, however, I don't mean that this reality has such

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