Reflective Essay On Gay Marriage

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When I was seven I got in trouble with my father for calling Selena Gomez cute. My grandparents were extremely upset when homosexual marriage was legalized in all 50 states. In middle school and freshman year of highschool I dated more than twenty different boys, but I tossed them away like old soda bottles after a while, mostly because they wanted to sleep with me. I thought something was wrong with me. I had no desire to be with any of them. I figured I would end up alone, because in my mind there was no other way. * * * It was the first time I had been outside in over a week. 17 kids with various medical problems were led outside into a small courtyard by techs in tan scrubs and nurses in black. We were all so excited, with big smiles and loud laughs, we were delighted to be able to touch the sky and grass. The smell of early spring flowers was in the air and as we watched the nurses set up various activities for us to do outside. I had been in the hospital eleven long days, taking medication three times a day and having needles stuck in my arm. It was only the girl with the black hair’s fifth day. I had been watching her, trying to sit next to her, probably making a fool out of myself. I’d tried for days to sit next to her, just to talk to her, but another patient whose name I didn’t know was always hovering. Luckily, that patient had been discharged the day before. Now I could finally talk to her. I wanted, I needed to know her story. I tried to gather my

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