Reflective Essay On Social Psychology

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Signing up for this general psychology class I didn't expect to learn and inspect my life actions as much as I have. Before taking this course my attention had always been pulled regarding psychology as a whole, what I later pinned as social psychology. The way people think and relate to other in the terms of emotion and relationships pulled my attention. The different experiments and how everyday actions and decisions can be viewed under a microscope and understood in completely unique manners, excited my neurons. Having a best friend who was interested in the same subject as me, we spent many hours discussing different terms and theories. He took online general psychology in high school and therefore knew much more than me. Now, we both have psychology as our majors and he has become someone who I can count on if I don't understand terms or theories completely. Not being this connected from the beginning, our friendship has grown which lead me to analyze just how I've ended up with my friend. Many may say that things just happen randomly and this connection is pure luck. Well, through this course I have developed a few understandings. There are many factors that lead to strong friendship, it's not just pure luck or correct timing. There's work and unknown tests that we do before we can count on people. I attended all four years of high school with this guy but it wasn't until senior year that we actually grew close. Freshman through junior year we knew of each other

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