Reflective Essay On Social Work

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Cornerstone Youth Center is where I am currently placed for my DFS, and it is an after-school drop-in center that caters to grade 6 to 9. Most of my clients are a mixture of at-risk and non-risk youth from the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, refugees and youth that have mental illnesses. On a daily basis, we served approximately 20-30 youth during programs; however, upon the completion of the program, this where I interact with my clients by implementing a less formal one-on-one with the youth. During my one-on-one interaction with my client, I continue to build rapport by asking what positive or negative situations occurred in their day; what they enjoyed at school or what they needed help with. Although many of my clients face difficulties in their life, my agency also emphasizes on the positive outcomes to promote balance. Cornerstone Youth Center highlights that our role is to guide and mentor our clients. Although some of our responsibilities may align with counselors or social work; We are neither those figures, but instead we are a source of help outside their school. From my client’s perspective, I believe they perceive my role as a mentor that they can have a therapeutic relationship with; it is therapeutic because we can address both positive and negative factors in their life. We educate and find sources for youth that want to inquire in topics like sex, mental illness, drugs, building a healthy relationship, and health & wellness in a formal and a comfortable

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