Reflective Essay On The Kingdom Of God

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One thing I recently realized from the Bible was that Jesus Christ preached the Gospel and healed the sick at the same time. Preaching and healing are inseparable in His ministry. I used to consider my calling is preaching the Word of God, sharing His love with others and glorifying God through my life. Healing ministry was not on the list of my calling. Actually, I had a skeptical view in healing, so tend to limit the power of miraculous healing, which could happen only in a special occasion. Personally, I have not experienced the power of healing prayer even though I continually pray for the sick. With having that said, my prayer for the sick was more like pastoral care to give them comforts in their hearts rather than having a great expectation of healing.
However, Jesus has reasons to bring healing to the people, which I newly learned from this class. There is an intimate relationship between healing and the Kingdom of God. In Jesus’ ministry, healing the sick plays a part of primary importance. Forty cases of healing are recorded in the New Testament. Those healings include not only physical healings but also resurrections and exorcisms. He healed those people who were physically and mentally ill, demonized, and dead with word and touch because he proclaimed that the Kingdom of God is coming. Healing is a significant sign of the Kingdom of God. I have been challenged from this class that I would like to encourage and guide others to pray for their healing, so that
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