Reflective Essay : ' The Day I Went On The Weird And Wonderful Individual '

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Reflective Essay - Euan Martin

To all nerds, gamers, otaku’s and all the weird and wonderful individuals. Comic-con is the place for you. It is an event where anyone can feel accepted. It is an environment where no one feels the beady-eyed judgement we all get on a day-to-day basis by the people around us. This is a time where no matter what you wear or what you look like, you can be yourself. You are surrounded by others like yourself, and you feel accepted for once by everyone in this community.

The day I went to Comic-con for the first time was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The very thought of this day always gives me pleasant memories to look back on. This day, arriving at the Scottish Exhibition centre in Glasgow,
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Whereas the other voice, the more persuasive side, was screaming ‘Oh who cares, it will look awesome in your bedroom!’ I asked myself, why am I so indecisive? In the end, I made my mind up. The persuasive side won the battle.

Being there was surreal, like being on a different planet, weird and wonderful characters as far as the eye could see. I felt so excited, so many people had ‘cosplayed’ recognisable characters that were fantastically done as if they were almost identical to the character they were meant to be. In the distance, I could see ‘Batman‘. His appearance was so realistic, it was as if Christian Bale had just walked off his movie set, still geared up. I could see that he was surrounded by his eager fans, begging to have a selfie taken with him. Then deep down, the memories of being a child reawakened. I remembered when I was a kid how much I adored the Gotham world with all its heroes and villains. However, my obsession was mainly focussed on the superhero ‘Batman’ to me he was the ultimate hero. I had loads of his memorabilia, action hero figures, DVDs, clothes you name it, anything that was connected to this fantasy figure. As I regained my senses, I took a deep breath and nervously walked over to him. With every tentative step I took, a little bit more of my nerves kicked in. As I approached ‘Batman’ with trepidation I quietly asked him for a selfie which he gladly accepted. I wonder why I am so insecure?

A year on

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