Reflective Reflection

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This semester, I was fortunate to have enrolled in this class as it allowed me to learn a great deal of beneficial information. This course allowed me to improve my critical thinking skills since the course required us to analyze and reflect on the behavioral and biopsychosocial challenges within the LGBTQ community. I decided to take this course because it caught my attention to learn more about the LGBTQ communities. After taking this online course, I realized that it had made a significant change in my life. Before taking this course, I admired and respected those who are part of the LGBTQ community but after learning more about their struggles and history I feel less ignorant about the subject and respect them even more. I enjoyed every single piece of information that I was provided throughout the progression of the course. The entire course was filled with attractive topics that caught my attention each week. I enjoyed receiving feedback and reading about other’s experiences and thoughts on certain controversial subjects. I think that after completing this course, I have expanded my overall knowledge of many topics within the LGBTQ community and I have a different approach to the subject.
Throughout the progression of this course I felt highly motivated to learn different material every week. Honestly, I think I enjoyed every single bit of information I received while taking this course. I learned so many new topics and I was able to hear from other’s perspectives.
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