Reflective Reflection On Curriculum

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think I went a little overboard with the information. As I reflect on my curriculum I thought about the fact that maybe I wasn’t being as realistic with the time I spend creating the curriculum. One aspect I pondered about was the time frame that is given to teachers so they can work on their curriculum. I assume it’s a little different than the time we have in a preschool setting. I presently teach two part day classes back to back which leaves little room for planning my curriculum. I think that in the higher grades teachers probably don’t have as much time as I spend on my curriculum for this course. As I reflect on this information I realize I have to set realistic and attainable timelines. Empathy: Self-Knowledge: As I reflect on this assignment my perspective on curriculum has certainly changed. Now, I understand the reasoning behind each action which I was unfamiliar with in the past. This class has definitely been a challenge for me especially since I had never created a curriculum for a higher grade other than preschool. Although this course was primarily geared for K-12, I am able to implement various methods to our preschool curriculum. For instance, I plan to use Ubd, Enduring Understanding, Essential Questions, Assessment, and Transferability. Moving forward I also plan to I definitely agree that the curriculum design and teaching approach must respond and be responsive to both our students today and the world they will be inheriting

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